May 3rd, 2006 + 9:05 AM  ·  HeadphoneSilence

Hey =:o)
You wanna know who wrote those crazy comments about your songs? Well, I guess that was me =:o)
Im that person you always see running straight against a traffic light just because I forget to watch the street when I listen to a beautiful song.
Im also that person who just hates talking about music at parties because I just dont like that kind of music which everybody knows.
Ive been playing the piano for about 9 years now and I just started playing the saxophone. I "build" little melodies and write strange lyrics, just because its fun to experimental. (Oh and sometimes I just need to do so =;o))
Well, maybe you can listen to an experimentation sometime. But Im not really sure whether I should put them here as they are idiotically recorded and just dont sound that great. Well see...
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